Apr 02 2014

Learn to interview via audio

WHEN CAN YOU START? 2014: ACE THE JOB INTERVIEW AND GET HIRED just became available on Audible.com. I’m excited as this is my first audio book.

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Jan 11 2014

The Right Time to Start Your Job Search

When should you look for a job? The answer that’s come down to us through the ages, one that rings true to everyone who has ever ventured into the job market, is that the best time to be looking for a job is when you don’t need one at all. There is no need to […]

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Dec 22 2013

The Anti-Resolution: Jobus Findinicus

Resolutions are a lot of work. They take willpower. They take energy. Sometimes they fizzle out at the first sign of the slightest trouble. So be it, because we just don’t care. Forget all that willpower and energy. You don’t need them, because we have a magic wand and we know the right spell to […]

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Nov 24 2013

Job Interview Preparation Pays and Pays and Pays

From the very beginning of the application process, you should be on a fact-finding mission. You should be learning about the company, the industry, the job, and how those three things fit together. You should be tailoring everything you do to what you learn, beginning with your resume. That same research will tell you how […]

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