Sep 15 2014

Overcoming the Shyness Challenge in Your Job Search

I’m shy. Not always, but often enough to understand how my shy clients feel when I talk to them about the importance of networking in their job search. “My first language was shy,” said actor Al Pacino. We would love to fine a job without all the outreach that is important. I know it. Nevertheless, […]

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Aug 27 2014

Getting Fired: Tiger Woods’ Coach Teaches Us How to Respond to Losing the Job

Getting fired happens to the best of us. This week Sean Foley, one of the world’s most accomplished golf swing coaches lost his job. Tiger Woods sent him on his way. Foley’s response to the disappointing news was ideal and we can all learn a lot from the way he handled the situation. Foley was […]

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Aug 18 2014

What if Seinfeld had been a show about job search?

Here’s a hypothetical plot. The Upstart Kramer wouldn’t make much headway in a buttoned-down corporate workplace, but he’s gotten word of a startup, a freewheeling place with plans to disrupt some existing field. Kramer knows this isn’t a traditional firm and that the rules are quite relaxed. Taking his cue from this, he arrives for […]

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Aug 01 2014

Tips for the Best Sales Resume

Sales and marketing professionals may be able to sell ice to an eskimo, but sometimes they forget the importance of selling themselves with carefully developed and optimized resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  It seems easier to sell a product than to sell ourselves.  Some of the keys to developing a resume that will sell your potential […]

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