Oct 17 2014

Top 5 Bay Area Startup Companies for Job Seekers

Trying to figure out which are the right startups to consider in your job search? The top startup companies for technology job seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area (including Silicon Valley), ranked by LinkedIn are: 1. Lytro: Mountain View, CA: Lytro is transforming the camera into a powerful computational photography platform, forever changing the […]

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Oct 15 2014

Is a Job Interview the same as a sales call?

Is a job interview exactly like a sales call? No, there are clear differences. An interview is not an explicit demonstration of what you can do. Instead, you’ll be asked about your background and your accomplishments. You’ll talk about yourself and your work history. Through all of that, you’ll be selling. Your interviewer is, in essence, […]

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Oct 09 2014

Goodbye Google. Farewell Complacency

Michael Peggs publicly (very publicly) told the world last week that Google is not always the dream job. He had pre-announced his departure on September 16 in an article in the Huffington Post, called “I’m Quitting Google in 10 Days: In Search of Me, Myself and I.” He’s not going to get sympathy as he […]

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Oct 02 2014

Sell Me This Pen: How to answer the key sales job interview question

  Sell me this pen. If you’re in sales, that’s the task you’re likely to be given in a job interview. Sooner or later, an interviewer will reach into his pocket, pull out a pen and ask you to hit him with your very best pitch. It’s a task that achieved some fame when it […]

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