Jan 29 2015

Making Small Talk and the Job Interview

Perhaps the Simplest Job Interview Tip to Get You Off to a Good Start “Thank you very much for meeting with me today.” If you don’t have the gift of gab and can’t imagine getting through the initial small talk of a job interview, rest easy. This interview has just enough structure to make it […]

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Jan 22 2015

Take a Page from Julia Child’s Cookbook for Career Change

 Julia Child, the woman who changed America’s way of cooking and eating, didn’t start out as a chef. She offers many lessons, and they’re not all about cooking.

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Jan 09 2015

Determination in the Job Search Gets You Far

Call it what you will—persistence, determination, toughness, tenacity, mule-like stubbornness. By any name, it’s the single biggest determinant of job-search results. No job-search strategy trumps a person’s sheer ability to keep at it. Why is that? What makes it hard to persist? And what can you do about it? The single biggest problem you face […]

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Dec 21 2014

Happy Birthday to the Anti-Steve Jobs

It’s 11 feet long and 7 feet high, weighs 5 tons and is remarkably relevant to Silicon Valley. It comprises 8,000 separate parts. (Astonishingly, the inventor’s original plan called for no less than 25,000 parts.) An imposing metal contrivance, the very peak of the machinist’s art, it would make the ultimate Christmas gift for any […]

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