Jun 01 2014

The Happy Ending Job Interview Tip

Answers to situational questions during job interviews do not have to be divorced from reality. In fact, some of the best use actual events. Start by addressing the hypothetical situation, but shift gears if you can think of a true story that parallels the fictional one. For example, if you are asked how you would […]

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May 31 2014

Launch the job search by asking the right questions

New college grad in the family?  Suggest to your child that a good place to begin thinking about a career and a job search is with the nature of your own unique self. Look within. There are a multitude of questions worth asking: • What matters to you? • What are your career goals? • […]

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May 25 2014

An overture in your cover letter

Rather than summarizing your resume, your cover letter should highlight your key qualifications. It should end with either a promise to contact the hiring manager to set up an interview, or an invitation to get in touch with you. If your letter is sufficiently appealing, the contact invitation will merely be icing on the cake. […]

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May 24 2014

Video Interviews: Types, Benefits and Acceptance

Video interviews come in two flavors: – The “live” interview, conducted over services like Skype, in which interviewer and interviewee are at either end of a real-time video connection. – The recorded interview, conducted through services like in which interviewees receive a list of questions, record their responses and then submit them for review. http://tinyurl.com/psrp3ca […]

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